welcome to my blog :)

Here i hope to publish things which can help or interest others. I will talk about linux/unix system administration and development mainly with ruby on rails.


Some years ago, i made a blog on dotclear but i was not so happy with it. I wanted to have two features. A history of page modifications and a nice syntax highlighting. It was not easy to set it to my taste. So i used the good old do it yourself method and you see the results.

I made this blog with ruby on rails. It’s possible to find the code on github : djouxblog.

It has a wiki section where i will store stuff i want to retrieve quickly but i don’t think will be a good subject to make a post. Like oneliners.

I know the UI is too heavily based on bootstrap for now. I will try to improve it but i am not a web designer so it risks to take some time.

Feel free to give me your comments or advices :)