nmon2influxdb : NMON data made dynamic

This application take a nmon file and upload it in a InfluxDB database. It generates also a dashboard to allow data visualization in Grafana. It’s working on linux,Windows and Mac OS. But you will need boot2docker or manual installation to have grafana and influxdb running Windows(it’s possible).



  • Import data from NMON files in InfluxDB database.

  • Generate Grafana dashboards based on NMON files data.

  • Create InfluxDB datasource in Grafana automatically.

  • Upload directly dashboard in Grafana.

  • Provide a templating system to generate custom dashboard.

  • Use Grafana to customize charts and use data from multiple NMON files.

full documentation

Full documentationavailable here: nmon2influxdb.org


The code is licensed as GNU AGPLv3. See the LICENSE file for the full license.

Copyright © 2014 Alain Dejoux adejoux@djouxtech.net