Ansible on AIX

It’s a short introduction on what it’s possible to do with Ansible on AIX. Ansible is agentless so requirements are pretty low but operating system support by Ansible define what it’s really possible to do. I will give some basic examples through a playbook I use to customize my AIX systems.

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Installing Piwik with Docker and Ansible

It’s my second article on Ansible. Ansible is perfect to manage Docker containers. I like to learn by applying tools to real usage, so here I will show how I deployed Piwik(open-source equivalent of Google Analytics) with Docker and Ansible.

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install vector with Ansible

First time I heard of Ansible was at a customer site where they implemented it to perform automation on their linux and AIX systems.

I was not sold on other automation solutions like CHEF and Puppet. But Ansible win me over easily :)

So here I will deploy Vector, an performance monitoring solution opensourced by Netflix, with Ansible. I hope to show you some of the greatness of Ansible during this post.

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