install vector with Ansible

First time I heard of Ansible was at a customer site where they implemented it to perform automation on their linux and AIX systems.

I was not sold on other automation solutions like CHEF and Puppet. But Ansible win me over easily :)

So here I will deploy Vector, an performance monitoring solution opensourced by Netflix, with Ansible. I hope to show you some of the greatness of Ansible during this post.

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powerlinux tools installation on rhel 6

A little post to describe how i install the tools provided by IBM to manage a RHEL 6 linux system on powerVM. I wanted to show how to do it in a “linux way” by using repositories to install packages with yum.

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samba and selinux permission denied

I had a little problem when i setup a samba sharing between my fedora system and a vm. I had always the “permission denied” message. It was related to selinux but it didn’t occur to me at first. So here you will find my debugging :)

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playing with docker

I tried docker on RHEL. It’s very well documented but it’s not easy to understand how to build your own image. For testing, i tried a PostgreSQL one.

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