docker dotclear migration

I have a old blog running on dotclear2 and I wanted to move it on docker for more flexibility. It’s read-only so I can commit the database container and restart it periodically. It can improve greatly the security of my whole system.

Installing Piwik with Docker and Ansible

It’s my second article on Ansible. Ansible is perfect to manage Docker containers. I like to learn by applying tools to real usage, so here I will show how I deployed Piwik(open-source equivalent of Google Analytics) with Docker and Ansible.

nmon2influxdb installation on Windows

In this post, I will describe how to install and run nmon2influxdb on Windows. I will install docker-toolbox to setup an environment where InfluxDB and Grafana are available for my tool.

libvirt network start problem

I had this error when starting a kvm vm : “Virtual network ‘default’ has not been started”. It was related to the docker service.

playing with docker

I tried docker on RHEL. It’s very well documented but it’s not easy to understand how to build your own image. For testing, i tried a PostgreSQL one.