This post is only a little description of gmond configuration.

Gmond is the service deployed on each node monitored with Ganglia.

The configuration file is /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf.

The parameters are grouped by section. A section has the following format :

section_name {
  parameter = value

globals section

In this section, we only need to change two parameters :

host_dmax parameter:

host_dmax = 864000 /*secs */

It’s corresponding to the time gmond is waiting to remove a missing host from the ganglia cluster.

We change this value from 86400 seconds (1 day) to 864000(10 days).

send_metadata_interval parameter:

send_metadata_interval = 120

The chosen configuration is a unicast configuration : the nodes send their data but cannot communicate between them.

It is needed to send a regular interval the description of metrics sent by a node.

cluster section

We change only the name parameter to set the cluster name.

udp_send_channel section

This section define the host where the datas will be sent.

udp_send_channel {
  host = server1
  port = 8649

We only specify the collector node name and the listening port.

tcp_recv_channel section

This section define the listening port for performance data on collector node.

acl {
  default = "deny"
  access {
   ip =
   mask = 32
   action = "allow"