nginx the ssl certificate error

A small post on the “The ssl certificate error” message thrown by my NGINX server. I spent some time to figure what happens so I hope this post can help others. :)

nmon2influxdb tagging partitions

I added a new functionality allowing to add custom tags on partitions imported from NMON or HMC. In this post, I will explain how to implement it and what you can do with it.

chef kitchen wpar

In this post, I will show how to test a CHEF recipe with kitchen-wpar. I will also use the AIX cookbook to make more advanced recipes.

nginx client certificate authentication

I had some difficulty to setup an authentication mechanism for Graylog with NGINX. I finally used a certificate authentication. I will describe how I setup this configuration.

Ansible on AIX

It’s a short introduction on what it’s possible to do with Ansible on AIX. Ansible is agentless so requirements are pretty low but operating system support by Ansible define what it’s really possible to do. I will give some basic examples through a playbook I use to customize my AIX systems.

lpm and npiv

This post will cover the specifics about NPIV technology when using Live Partition Mobility.

docker dotclear migration

I have a old blog running on dotclear2 and I wanted to move it on docker for more flexibility. It’s read-only so I can commit the database container and restart it periodically. It can improve greatly the security of my whole system.

Introduction to CHEF on AIX

It’s a short introduction on how to use CHEF on AIX. It’s mainly targeted at people wondering what is actually possible to do with CHEF on AIX. The official client is really good but it’s features are not well known. So I thought about showing them here.

Installing Piwik with Docker and Ansible

It’s my second article on Ansible. Ansible is perfect to manage Docker containers. I like to learn by applying tools to real usage, so here I will show how I deployed Piwik(open-source equivalent of Google Analytics) with Docker and Ansible.

nmon2influxdb stats for large systems

I developed this tool because I didn’t find anything allowing me to analyze systems with a lot of disks. By a lot, I means above 150 hdisks on AIX. I meet a lot of customers which have systems with a lot more disks. And it was always bothering me to not be able to perform a good disk performance analysis on their systems.

I will show you what the tool can do with a vio server with 2464 hdisks and 616 hdiskpowers.

nmon2influxdb installation on Windows

In this post, I will describe how to install and run nmon2influxdb on Windows. I will install docker-toolbox to setup an environment where InfluxDB and Grafana are available for my tool.

PowerVM Provisioning toolkit:create lpar

In this post, I want to show a simple usage of the PowerVM Provisioning toolkit from IBM Systems Lab Services.

I will use it to build AIX partitions. I hope to give you a good idea of how it’s working.

install vector with Ansible

First time I heard of Ansible was at a customer site where they implemented it to perform automation on their linux and AIX systems.

I was not sold on other automation solutions like CHEF and Puppet. But Ansible win me over easily :)

So here I will deploy Vector, an performance monitoring solution opensourced by Netflix, with Ansible. I hope to show you some of the greatness of Ansible during this post.

vagrant with libvirt

I like to use vagrant. It allow me to test a lot of things without messing up my laptop configuration.

This post will describe how-to use the libvirt provider with vagrant.

blog migration

I finally decided to move away from my own blog engine to go (literally ^^) to an static site engine.

powerlinux tools installation on rhel 6

A little post to describe how i install the tools provided by IBM to manage a RHEL 6 linux system on powerVM. I wanted to show how to do it in a “linux way” by using repositories to install packages with yum.

shellshock aix bash packages

A little post to try to help admins to find from where their bash package is from. On AIX, bash can come from from a lot of different sources :)

hmc v8 rest api part 2 golang

In this post, i will describe how i play with the new HMC API with Go. I am very new to Go so it was an excellent way to practice it.

samba and selinux permission denied

I had a little problem when i setup a samba sharing between my fedora system and a vm. I had always the “permission denied” message. It was related to selinux but it didn’t occur to me at first. So here you will find my debugging :)

hmc v8 rest api part 1 curl

IBM published the reference documentation for HMC V8 REST api. Having a real API to interact with HMC is great. I played with it and in this post i will show how to use it with curl. Maybe not the most useful thing to do but it’s a good way to see how the API work :)

deploying rails in subdir with trinidad

I like to use jruby for deploying rails application in production. No need to install additional system packages. You only need java. The only part a little bit complex is when you want to install the application in a subdirectory of your web site.

libvirt network start problem

I had this error when starting a kvm vm : “Virtual network ‘default’ has not been started”. It was related to the docker service.

playing with docker

I tried docker on RHEL. It’s very well documented but it’s not easy to understand how to build your own image. For testing, i tried a PostgreSQL one.

shell in a box

I wanted a solution to have a shell on my web server in an environment where direct ssh connection was not possible or easy(like on my phone). I tried Ajaxterm some time ago but the solution was not perfect. Copy/paste was tricky to set and terminal scrolling not working properly. Shell In A box is the new perfect solution :)

blog install 3 backup

After installing my blog, the remaining part is to set a proper backup policy. The easiest way is to use the backup gem which provides anything i could want for backups. It’s very well documented on the gem website so i will only describe my setup as a reminder.

postgresql hstore in rails

I followed the railscasts on hstore but i needed some additional steps to have it working on my environment.

I will describe them in this post.

blog install 1 rails setup

It’s not very original but i will describe how i installed my rails application on my ubuntu server 12.10. It will serve as a good reminder for me too.


welcome to my blog :)

Here i hope to publish things which can help or interest others. I will talk about linux/unix system administration and development mainly with ruby on rails.